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Internment Locations

Arrested: December 1941

Kilauea Military Camp, Hawaii Island

Sand Island Internment Camp, Honolulu, Oahu Island

This internee was among 166 men (mostly Issei) who were sent on the second transfer ship for internment in U.S. Army and Justice Department camps on the Mainland. These men were sent together from camp to camp, with some paroled to War Relocation Authority camps to reunite with family or transferred for repatriation to Japan. This internee was in a sub-group of Second Transfer Group internees who were sent from Livingston to Missoula before being transferred to Santa Fe.

Angel Island Detention Facility, California

March 1942 - April 1942

Fort Sill Internment Camp, Oklahoma

April 1942 - May 1942

Camp Livingston Internment Camp, Louisiana

June 1942 - June 1943

Fort Missoula Internment Camp, Montana

June 1943 - April 1944

Santa Fe Internment Camp, New Mexico

April 1944 - October 1945

Returned to Hawaii: December 1945

Arrived in Honolulu with 450 other internees aboard the military troopship the Yarmouth.

Shutetsu Uyenoyama immigrated to Hawaii as a young Buddhist minister shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. He served the communities of Kurtistown and Ola'a on Hawaii Island for more than thirty years before his arrest following the Pearl Harbor bombing.

Two of his sons, Hidehiko Uyenoyama and Howard Ryuzo Uyenoyama, served in the U.S. military during the war. Howard Ryuzo was a member of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Uyenoyama returned to Kurtistown following his confinement and worked there for another decade until his retirement.